Writing SOPs for Wholesalers, 3PLs, Reverse Distributors, and Exemptees

Our Standard Operating Procedures Course can assist you in writing your procedure manual. In other words, we can help!

Writing the procedure manual doesn't have to be difficult! Learn how experts do it! Image of someone drafting a standard operating procedure.
Writing the procedure manual doesn’t have to be difficult.

Learn to write procedures quickly and thoroughly. This online course is for drug & device distributors, and home medical device retailers (HMDR). Pharmacists, quality assurance professionals, and pharmacy technicians responsible for procedures in their firm may also benefit.

The reference, standard operating procedure (SOP), is often shortened to “procedures.”

Take this e-Learning course and learn how to write procedures quickly and thoroughly. SkillsPlus International Inc. shares its experiences and techniques for writing procedures. We base this course on 30 years of experience writing procedures and teaching others to write effective and useful procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Take this online course on your schedule. Available 24 x 7. Therefore, we offer flexibility.
  • Learn from seasoned professionals. Students rave about our classes. In other words, people think highly of us!
  • Discover the secrets to writing procedures quickly & easily!

Pricing – Standard Operating Procedures Course

  • $100 per student when co-purchased with any one of our California Designated Representative courses.
  • Select our Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Couse as an optional “add-on” course when you purchase any one of our three (3) California Designated Representative training courses or Exemptee training course. In other words, buy a Designated Representative or Exemptee course, then add the optional SOP course during registration.

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