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Exemptee FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Exemptee FAQs, here are the most common questions we get, and our expert answers.

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  1. Do I have to complete this class all at one time?
    No, you may come and go as often as you like. The presentations are pre-recorded and usually remember where you left off.
  2. Do I have to finish in a specific amount of time? 
    No, you may take all the time you need to complete this class. Most people complete this class faster than one day. Some students take the course in the evening so as to not interfere with work schedules.
  3. Is there a handout?
    Yes, when you enter our online classroom there is a link to download and print the handout.
  4. What if I have questions about content?
    If something does not make sense or you need clarification, please call our office, we are happy to spend the time with you resolving any confusing issues. Contact us!
  5. How do I get the Certificate of Completion that I need to have SkillsPlus International Inc. sign as a part of my application?
    When you finish all the topics in the course, you must submit your request for training documentation. The link to the documentation request form appears as the last topic in your classroom course. Submitting your documentation request prompts us to complete and mail your Certificate of Completion. 
  6. I need my Certificate of Completion right away. Can you help?
    As a part of the basic course registration fee, certificates will be sent out weekly on Monday via FedEx Express Saver (typically delivered within 3 days). During registration, you have the option to request expedited FedEx delivery methods (such as overnight delivery) for an additional charge. If FedEx overnight delivery is not available in your area, then our staff will select the next best delivery option available. If you didn’t choose FedEx initially, you can arrange for it, for an additional charge, by calling our office at (415) 948-5220. Fulfillment of special handling of completion certificates is dependent on all exams being completed with at least an 85% passing grade, payment received, the training documentation request being submitted correctly, and available staff qualified to sign the documentation. Give us a call at 415-948-5220. 
  7. How long does this class take?
    This class takes from 4-6 hours of study, depending on your speed of retention and taking quizzes.
  8. Where is the class held?
    Our class is offered online. No need to travel to any other location or interfere with your work schedule.
  9. What if I have trouble with the technology?
    There are several ways to get technical support:
    We have a self-help technical support site for 24/7 support issues. 
    Reach out to us by email or phone: Contact us!
    Alternatively, you can always call our office at 415-948-5220.
  10. What is covered in the course?
    This course covers all topics specified on the California HMDR Exemptee license application form.
  11. What technology do I need to view these programs?
    A device running Windows, iOS, or Android, and speakers or headset.
  12. Where do I get the State Application forms?
    California Home Medical Device Retail Program website
  13. I have been told that I need to complete refresher training. How can you help me? 
    We offer refresher training at a discount to our students of record only (students who have already taken our initial training). Our refresher class is $150. Contact us for a registration code.
  14. I need California Exemptee forms.
    California Home Medical Device Retail Program website
  15. What are the training requirements from the California Department of Public Health?
    The training requirement asks, “Have you completed training program(s) that address the following: (Attach copy of completed training certificate) … ” Our course covers all topics specified on the California HMDR Exemptee license application form.
  16. I do not have the one-year of paid lawful experience. How can I get certified?
    You will need to wait until you get the one year of experience. You can, however, take the training any time.
  17. I am starting a company and do not have one-year of paid lawful experience. What can I do?
    Because every situation is different, we suggest that you contact the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to clarify your situation. CDPH Contact Information.
  18. I have some experience, but am not sure if it counts. Can you help me?
    Because every situation is different and the State is always the final authority, we suggest that you contact the California Department of Public Health to clarify your situation. CDPH Contact Information.
  19. If you didn’t find your answer in these Exemptee FAQs, you can always contact us.

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