New Employee Orientation Training

Image of an employee taking an online course in a training center.
Employee taking an online course in a training center.

The Requirement: The CGMP Regulations require that all employees receive training in the Current Good Manufacturing Practice.

The Challenge: Training new employees is especially challenging, for instance, when new employees arrive in small numbers (like 1 or 2 at a time). Live classroom training becomes expensive, to clarify, if you dedicate one full-time person to conduct training in the training center.

The Solution: To sum up, consider online training by SkillsPlus International Inc., and conserve valuable resources.

About Our New Employee Orientation Training – online training options

One-Off Sessions

We create a new employee training site for you, subsequently, you enroll employees as needed, and after that we bill you for what is used. Tell us who the students are, and we’ll get them started.

Training Blocks

Purchase a block of training tickets to be used as you need, further, blocks never expire. Tell us who gets a ticket, and after that, we’ll get them started.

Annual License – New Employee Orientation Training

Purchase an annual license for access. Options are available for up to a maximum or unlimited use. You control who goes to training and you provide the access codes. Call us to discuss which option is best for you.

For more information about New Employee Orientation Training, contact us. If you’re ready to act, request a quote for CGMP training.