CGMP Trainer Certification Course

The FDA expects those individuals who are responsible for conducting CGMP training to have documented evidence of their qualifications. This CGMP Trainer Certification curriculum gets you there.

Three levels for various trainer needs.

Illustration of Trainer Certification Levels: GMP trainer awareness; GMP trainer certification; GMP master trainer.
Trainer Certification Levels
  1. GMP Trainer Awareness – Students view presentations covering trainer training. 
  2. GMP Trainer Certification – Students view the “Awareness” presentations. Students prepare elements of a training session, demonstrate the application of the content taught in the Awareness course, or in some cases, capture and submit video segments of an actual or practice training session. Subsequently, a Master Training reviews and critiques all submitted information. The student takes this course simultaneously with the Awareness course. 
  3. GMP Master Trainer – Learn CGMP content to assure you know more than the basic CGMP rules, as a result you become the complete trainer! 

GMP Trainer Awareness Course Topics

  • Apply a “Participant Centered Approach” to training
  • Write course objectives
  • Development a course assessment
  • Describe the difference between ice breakers and activities
  • Explain and develop ice breakers for a class
  • Describe and develop activities for a class
  • Explain the role of the instructor during activities
  • Develop an activity debriefing strategy
  • Describe various strategies for forming groups
  • Design a course presentation
  • Identify and demonstrate effective presentation skills
  • Develop stories for a class and how to deliver the story
  • Create discussion questions
  • Develop and implement discussion follow-up strategies
  • Demonstrate the management of disruptive behavior
  • Identify the elements of a course assessment validation plan
  • Explain the elements of a course evaluation form
  • Develop a course evaluation form

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GMP Trainer Certification

The SkillsPlus International Inc. GMP Trainer Certification course includes all the above training topics, in addition, students complete worksheets or submit video presentations of their training. Students then submit their training project, after that, an experienced instructor reviews the submission and provides personal written feedback, in short, fine tunes the student’s training skills.

GMP Master Trainer Certification

SkillsPlus International Inc. believes that GMP trainers need to be well-versed in the GMP regulations, that is to say, the trainer becomes the master of the classroom and the regulations. So, the Master trainer series provides detailed GMP training through the GMP: A New Generation Series.

Benefits Of Our CGMP Trainer Certification Course

  • SkillsPlus International Inc. is experienced at teaching all kinds of courses via online access, likewise, we know how to build the right kinds of skills using online training.
  • Coaching is provided by CGMP trainers with many years of experience, above all, they are masterful communicators.
  • No travel cost, in other words, you save precious training dollars!
  • Flexible scheduling, that is to say, all three levels of training are scheduled to meet the needs of the employee.

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