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Free GMP Training Ideas, Tips, and Other CGMP-Related Stuff
By SkillsPlus International Inc.

Welcome to the SkillsPlus Free Tips page. This page provides free training tips and other useful information for trainers and compliance professionals. We also share information here, in support of training products purchased from SkillsPlus.

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How to Calculate Combined Uncertainty - Posted 11/20/2009 I found this to be a great link for understanding this  issue especially as it relates to ISO 17025. Click


How to Understand Tolerance versus Uncertainty - Posted 11/20/2009 I found this to be a great link for understanding these issues especially as it relates to ISO 17025. Click


Where Can I find a Reference to Error Correction Procedures? - Posted 11/20/2009

Great question. One such source is ISO 17025, Page 9 "When mistakes occur in records, each mistake shall be crossed out, not erased, made illegible or deleted, and the correct value entered alongside. All such alterations to records shall be signed or initialed by the person making the correction. In the case of records stored electronically, equivalent measures shall be taken to avoid loss or change of original data."


Using Video and DVDs in the Classroom - Posted 11/5/2009

Using videos and DVDs in the classroom is not difficult. But it is not intended to be a babysitter while the instructor gets a cup of coffee. Successfully using videos and DVDs in the classroom requires four simple steps, three of which are often forgotten, and a qualified instructor.


1. Tell the class what they are going to see and why you want them to see it.


2. Give the class an assignment to perform during and immediately after the video or DVD has ended. The assignment can be as simple as, "During this DVD write down as many things you did not know prior to watching this DVD."


3. Now it's time to turn on the DVD. 


4. After the DVD is over, follow up on what the class has learned. Using the round robin technique, chart everyone's responses. As an instructor elaborate on the class response as appropriate.


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