Olympics for CGMP
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Olympics for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Manufacturers




To take CGMPs to a deeper level of understanding through a series of challenging activities



1.     List the hottest issues in CGMP compliance.

2.     Locate items of interest in 21CFR211.

3.     Explain the 21CFR211 rationale for specific 483 observations.

4.     Demonstrate knowledge of common CGMP practices and details.

5.     State the consequences of not following CGMPs.


About the Class

  1. In-house projects will be used to demonstrate and practice the skills and principles of this class.

  2. The optional final exam is approximately 10-15 questions.

  3. Each student receives a student guide containing a representation of the program's  slides and graphics with space provided for note taking.

  4. This class can accommodate up to 25 people.

  5. Duration: 4-8 hours. Depending on the project selected, this class may take several days.



1.   Agenda

2.   Ground rules

3.   New issues and practices


Heard on the Street

1.   21 CFR 211

2.   Activity: Brainstorming questions about CGMP

3.   Open discussion   


Client directed presentation 

Time variable based on learning objectives


Inspection Detection

1.   Review 483 observation note

2.   Link observation to 21 CFR 211


CGMP Challenge

1.   Client selects 4 topics from a list of 18

2.   Questions are presented


Wrap Up

1.   Activity: Brainstorm important points to remember from the class

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