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California Designated Representative Training Course For Wholesalers

SkillsPlus International Inc.'s California Designated Representative training course for Wholesalers is accepted by the California State Board of Pharmacy (since 2002). California requires drug and device wholesalers to retain on-site, a California-licensed pharmacist or Designated Representative to conduct their business. The pharmacist or Designated Representative must be physically present during all hours of operation. 

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This California Designated Representative training course for wholesalers covers the following required license application topics:

  • Knowledge and understanding of California and federal laws regarding the distribution of dangerous drugs and dangerous devices
  • Knowledge and understanding of California and federal laws regarding the distribution of controlled substances
  • Knowledge and understanding of United States Pharmacopoeia standards for the safe storage and handling of drugs
  • Knowledge and understanding of quality control systems
  • Knowledge and understanding of prescription terminology, abbreviations, dosages and format

Our California Designated Representative training course for wholesalers is an online self-study class. Successful course completion earns a training affidavit, accepted by the California State Board of Pharmacy. The class is up-to-date, fast, and has helped more than 5,000 of our students. 



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Frequent Questions: Interactive FAQ

1. Why is your class only Web Based? All students have a need to complete their class on their schedule. Taking this course is not just checking something off the to-do list. You really need to know these rules. Students can only absorb so much in an all day class. Our approach allows students to break up study time to match each individual person's attention span. Students get constant reinforcement informing them about what they really know.

Some need to complete the class overnight and others have lots of time. Our class is available 24/7/365 with uptime at 99+%. This allows students to attend to their business by day and study by night. PREVIEW SEGMENT

2. Do I have to complete this class all at one time? No you may come and go as often as you like. The presentations are pre-recorded and usually remember where you left off.
3. Do I have to finish in a specific amount of time?  No, you may take all the time you need to complete this class. Most people complete this class faster than one day. Some students take the course in the evening so as to not interfere with work schedules.
4. Are there Practice Exams? The exams in the course are the exams for completion of the training. You do not need to go anywhere to any other exam. Current average grade of students 94.13%. A passing grade of 85% is needed. 
5. Is there a handout? Yes, when you enter the "Internet Training Room" there is a link to download and print the handout.
6. Am I guaranteed to pass the exam? We will work with you until you do pass this exam. Our students mostly pass on the first attempt. Some may need to try a second time. There is no additional fee for retaking exams.
7. What if I have questions about content? If something does not make sense or you need clarification, please call our office, we are happy to spend the time with you reviewing confusing issues.
8. How do I get the Training Affidavit that I need to have SkillsPlus sign as a part of my application? When you complete the course you must submit your request for training documentation (at the very bottom of the Internet Training Room) and that prompts us to complete and mail your training affidavit.
9. I need my Affidavit right away. Can you help? Here's How We'll Send Your Completion Certificates 

Beginning January 1, 2015, as a part of the basic course registration fee, all certificates will be sent via FedEx Express Saver (typically delivered within 3 days). During registration, you will have the option to request FedEx overnight delivery for an additional charge (FedEx overnight is typically delivered by the close of the next business day). If FedEx overnight delivery is not available in your area, then the FedEx package would be delivered on the 2nd day. If you didn't choose FedEx initially, you can arrange for it, for an additional charge, by calling our office at (415) 948-5220.

If you registered prior to January 1, 2015, your certificates will be sent to you via FedEx overnight delivery. 

Fulfillment of your request for completion certificates is dependent on all exams being completed with an 85%, payment received, the training documentation request being completed correctly, and available staff qualified to sign the documentation. Give us a call at 415- 948-5220.

10. How long does this class take? This class takes from 4-8 hours of study depending on your speed of retention.
11. Where is the class held? Our class is offered on line. No need to travel to any other location or interfere with your work schedule.
12. What if I have trouble with the technology? There are two ways to gain technical support. You can always call our office at 415.948.5220 and speak to someone directly. Alternatively, we maintain a technical support blog for 24/7 support issues. 
13. What is covered in the course? All of the requirements for the California Designated Representative.
14. What technology do I need to view these programs? Adobe Flash Player 10.
15. How do I now if I have flash Player on my computer? Click here to test your PC. This test does not make any changes to your computer. Flash Player Test
16. How do I get the last version of Flash Player for free? Download Flash Player for Free. Free Flash Player.
17. Where do I get the State Application form? Application
18. I have more questions. How can I get answers? Call 415.948.5220 and ask for Allan
19. I want to enroll now. How do I do that? Click here to enroll.
20. I have been told that I need to complete refresher training. How can you help me?  We offer refresher training to our students of record only. Our refresher class is $150. Click to download a credit card authorization.
21. I want to print this page. Disabled .
22. I need California Designated Representative forms. Click Here
23. I need California Exemptee forms. Click Here
24. What are the training requirements from the Department of Health? Click Here
25. I need help writing my company's procedure manual. Where can I get some help? Click here for our class on Writing Procedures for Drug and Device Wholesalers
26. What is the status of fingerprints? Need to know the status of your fingerprint scan at the FBI? Call the FBI Fingerprinting office in West Virginia. The applicant for the scan must be the one to call. Call 304.625.5590.

Request Fingerprint Cards from the State

27. I need to get fingerprint cards. Call the State or give us a call. We have the cards. 415.948.5220
28. I am drug manufacturer. Do I need a Designated Representative? Drug manufacturers no longer need a Designated Representative, if you are under the authority of the California Department of Health - Food and Drug Branch, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
29. I am a distribution center at a different location than my license holder manufacturer. Am I covered under their exemption? No, separate distribution centers need a license and a Designated Representative. 
30. I do not have the one-year of paid lawful experience. How can I get certified? You will need to wait until you get the one year of experience.
31. I am starting a company and do not have one-year of paid lawful experience. What can I do? Because every situation is different, we suggest that you contact the Board of Pharmacy to clarify your situation. Here are three ways to reach out to them: 1) send an e-mail to: , 2) call (916) 574-7900 Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00-4:30, or 3) Fax (916) 574-8618.
32. I have some experience but am not sure if it counts. Can you help me? Because every situation is different, we suggest that you contact the Board of Pharmacy to clarify your situation. Here are three ways to reach out to them: 1) send an e-mail to: , 2) call (916) 574-7900 Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00-4:30, or 3) Fax (916) 574-8618.
33. How much does this course cost? $525 per student.
34. I want to be a Veterinary Retailer Designated Representative. Does this course meet the 240 hours of training required? No, this course is an 8-hour courses intended for drug wholesalers.
35. Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors® VAWD
36. I need forms. Can you help?

California Board of Pharmacy forms site - Most forms

36. How do I create a profile for the class? Click to view this instructional video.

Writing Procedures: Drug and Device Wholesalers and HMDR's - Learn to write procedures quickly and thoroughly. Allan shares his experiences and techniques for writing procedures. This class is based on 30 years of experience writing procedures and teaching others to write them. This class is only for drug and device wholesalers, DME's and home medical device retailers. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians responsible for procedures in their firm may also benefit.

Class Duration: 90 Minutes

Students having completed the Des. Rep or Exemptee class prior to taking this class receive a 50% discount on this class.



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