Procedure Writing
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Procedure Writing for Greater Process Control


To develop more useful procedures that truly guide performance.


1.    State the role of procedures.

2.    Conduct a task analysis and knowledge assessment.

3.    Determine appropriate procedure content.

4.    Evaluate consistency and functionality of procedure format.

5.    Write SOP statements and instructions.

6.    Identify the procedures intended target audience.

7.    State the regulatory guidelines for writing procedures.

8.    Describe the procedure change control process.

9.    Use procedures for training.


About the Class

Course Topics



CGMP Requirements

The role of procedures

How the FDA and our company use procedures

CGMP procedure related observations


Task Analysis  

Using flow charts

Incorporating skills and knowledge in procedures

Decision making as a process in procedures

Tools and aids to job performance

Sources of procedure information

Step and task sequencing in procedures

Activity: Writing clinic


Procedure Format

Sections of procedures

Company-specific formats and sections

Using each section

Activity: Writing clinic


Human Factors

Cognitive capacity

Structuring the procedure

Assuring greater retention

Identifying the target audience

Literacy and the procedures

Tricks to make procedures more readable

FDA perspective on procedure readability and comprehension

Activity: Writing clinic  

Writing the Procedure 

Action words for simplicity

Specific versus general statements

Ranges versus discrete values


Other supporting documents

Activity: Writing clinic


Approval and Change Control

Review and approval responsibility

Review frequency

Tracking procedures through the change process


Procedures and Training

Using the procedure for training

How to conduct training

From the procedure to performance coaching




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