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Online Courses
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Welcome to SkillsPlus International Inc. online learning. This page provides information about our online training courses. 

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2019 Online CBT Courses
21CFR211: Pure, Safe and Effective Equipment CGMPs Documentation Practices Understanding Validation
Change Control Materials and CGMPs Production and Process Controls Contamination Control
Buildings and Facilities Organization and Personnel Surviving and FDA Inspection


Online Courses


21 CFR 211: Pure, Safe, and Effective  - This program reviews 21 CFR 211 with the reminder that all these rules help us produce a product that is pure, safe and effective. This program is a must for new employee orientation training at all levels of the organization.


Documentation Practices  - This program provides a most interesting review of proper documentation practices for both paper-based and electronic record environments. 


Equipment and CGMPs - This topic discusses the requirements of 21 CFR211 Subpart D - Equipment, specifically the design and construction requirements for equipment including lubrication and coolants. The class addresses cleaning and maintenance requirements including automatic and electronic equipment. The class also covers the requirements for equipment identification, and required documentation.


Buildings and Facilities (Coming 2019) - This topic provides a review of the requirements of Building and Facilities issues well beyond Subpart C, Buildings and Facilities.  This program, uses many video segments from actual plant operations to review the essential elements of this Subpart.


Surviving an FDA Inspection  (Coming 2019) - Learn what to expect, how to plan for an inspection, and how to behave. This program has demonstrations of interviews and different response strategies. Some are intended to be humorous, while some are common mistakes made when interacting with the FDA. Use this program to plan for your next inspection.


Understanding Validation  (Coming 2019) - Delve into the intricate rules and practices of validation. This course is based on guidance documents on validation. The concepts of validation are explained in simple language. This is a great introduction to validation as well as preparation for the plant's next major validation initiative.


Contamination Control  (Coming 2019) - This topic discusses the sources of contamination and methods to prevent contaminating products. This is a great session for new employees needing to learn about the risks and proper behaviors to controlling contamination. Use this program as part of a corrective or preventive action as a result of contamination control breaches.


Materials and CGMP  (Coming 2019) This topic traces the CGMP requirements from supplier qualification through to manufacturing and packaging. A solid review of 21 CFR 211 Subpart E, Control of Components, Drug Product Containers and Closures.


Organization and Personnel  (Coming 2019) This topic summarizes the essential elements of 21CFR211 Subpart B, Organization and Personnel. This is a great orientation to this subpart for new employees or serves as a quick refresher.


Production and Process Control  (Coming 2019) This topic provides a review of the requirements of 21 CFR 211 Subpart F, Production and Process Controls.  This program, uses many video segments from actual plant operations to review the essential elements of this Subpart.



Implementing A Successful Change Control Program (Coming 2019) - This program reviews the requirements of change control and components of a successful change control program.



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